Special Displays

displays and feature cars at L’oe Show 2024

L’oe Show has featured many special prototype and race cars, even world-exclusive unveilings of never before seen cars. We’re so excited to even have our friends joining with their own amazing cars from around the world, which we ship in by boat, and the owners fly in to drive in Pottstown PA for the weekend..

Previous Cars included the USA unveiling of the Mk8 Golf R, the VW Golf A59 from Volkswagen Classic’s collection in Wolfsburg, the world unveiling of the Volkswagen Motorsport TCR Mk8 Prototype, Audi’s Le Mans winning LMP1 car (Tom Kristensen’s record setting car) and more.

50 Years of golf

To celebrate 50 years since the Mk1 VW Golf was unveiled in 1974, we will have a special display open to all models of Golf hatchbacks – from base models to Golf R, with Rabbits, GTIs, Alltrack, and everything in between.

Audi RS2 30th anniversary

The original sleeper station wagon turns 30 years old in 2024, and we’re bringing something special for the event!

All owners bringing their RS2 Avants will also receive a special extra gift.

european guest show cars

A special guest selection of cars, coming to Pottstown USA by boat, to join us at L’oe Show!

In 2024 we will welcome cars from Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and Netherlands, all coming via Germany.

special guest cars

Our central block in the town, with some amazing cars with amazing stories.

Whether it’s a one-off, a budget build, or a super car, we’re exciting to host these cars with enough room for photos from all angles on Sunday.

Audi Club North America

A special display area featuring special and members cars, in the heart of the downtown area, the Audi Club will host a full city block worth of displays for their members cars, and other Audi cars.

All cars and displays are subject to change or cancellation, not least due to manufacturing schedules, Customs clearances or shipping delays, and/or a plethora of other reasons.