Show Cars

Show Your Car at the Loe Show

Open to All VW Group Models

L’oe Show’s main Sunday show day is open to all models of cars from within the VW Group – Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, and others. There are many GTGs and events that are open to all vehicles, please check the schedule here.

Show Car registration is $60 per car, and every owner will receive a lanyard that enables them to receive free and discounted items from vendors and businesses throughout the show and Pottstown area. Free items include LIQUI MOLY additive products valued at $40 in person at the show, and more free items from other vendors and partners!

Below is information about showing your car and how to register.

Register to Show


There is no entry to the show on Sunday without a registration packet with your license plate on the hang tag. Please collect your registration packet as early as possible, and don’t forget that it also gives you additional discounts throughout town over the whole weekend.

For the 2023 Edition, they can be collected at our physical store location located near Pottstown High Street. Please have your car license plate number ready.

The last chance to collect your registration and enter the show is 7:30 am – 9:15 am on Sunday Morning at our pop-up retail store. You must park outside the show field and walk to the store – you cannot drive through the show to get here. You may not be able to access your preferred display area, and we cannot guarantee entry if you are late and not processed in time. Also, at this time we cannot make any changes to registrations.


Sunday 4th is the main show day. All cars must be parked and in place by 9:45 am the latest. Vendor load-in starts at 6:00 am, while show cars may enter from 8:00 am.

Please have your hang tag and lanyard displayed. Your hang tag will note what block you are parked on. It will also have the letter “N”, “E”, “S”, or “W” to indicate which show entrance you should use to enter to access your display area.

Please do not block the center traffic lane – this is for emergency access. If you see a car parked in the very center of the street, please kindly ask them to move over slightly.

No cars can enter or move in the show field after 10 am, and until after 4:00 pm. This is for pedestrian safety. Likewise, please do not block a fire hydrant, nor a disabled ramp for a sidewalk.

At the end of the show, cars must be moved from High St traffic lanes by 6:00 pm latest – there are city parking spots and parking lots available after this time.

For non-show car parking and friends, there are two large parking lots south of the railway line with free spectator parking.


Temporary importation options

With the ending of the Woerthersee GTI Treffen in Austria, which we often shipped our cars to from the USA, we would like to extend an invitation to our friends in Europe to bring their cars to the USA for L’oe Show in 2023. The cars will be shipped from Germany in the last week of July, and can either be returned after the event or kept in the USA for the SEMA Show etc.

Free Items!

All registered show car owners will receive free items at the LIQUI MOLY booth on Sunday. Simply present your Show Car Lanyard, and receive your items at no cost! Limit one bundle of items per show car, must be collected in person on Sunday during booth hours.

Store or Vendor?

If you are a store or vendor and would like to offer show car owners a discount, please click the button below to get in touch to discuss options.